Research Methodology


Course Name: Research Methodology

Instructor: Dr. Afrooz Haghbin

Level: Graduate

Course Meeting Times: 2 Hours / Week

Prerequisites: -


Course Topics

 1- Introduction

2- Scientific Method of Research

3- Creativity and Innovation

4- How to Conduct a Scientific Research

5- How to Do a Literature Review

6- How to Write a Scientific Report

7- How to Write a Scientific Paper

8- How to Write a Research Proposal

9- How to Present a Scientific Research

10- Engineering Ethics


Lecture Notes

 Lecture 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 2: Introduction

Lecture 3: Overview of Research and its Methodology

Lecture 4: Selecting and Defining a Research Problem

Lecture 5: Literature Review

Lecture 6: Conducting the Research

Lecture 7: Conducting the Research

Lecture 8: How to Write a Scientific Paper (Part One)

Lecture 9: How to Write a Scientific Paper (Part Two)

Lecture 10: How to submit a paper

Lecture 11: Writing in Persian

Lecture 12: How to Present a Scientific Work

Lecture 13: Engineering Ethics